Proposal & Award Reporting

Sponsored Research Services uses the Coeus database application to record proposal and award activity at UC. We provide several ways for the UC research community to access this information. For most data requirements iReports is a great tool for creating quick reports. Drop down lists let the user create a custom report quickly and the output is in a printable format or can be saved as a PDF or other formats. For users who wish to generate their own custom reports we supply data extractions in Excel format in the Sponsored Activity Data section.

Other reports available on this site include the annual UC Sponsored Awards Report which offers in-depth detail about sponsored activity in the areas of research, education and public service at the University of Cincinnati. We also provide a monthly update on sponsored activity to track year-to-date receipt of awards, submission of proposals and sponsored award expenditures. The final report provided is the A-133 Audit Report, an annual compliance review and internal control audit for organizations that receive large amounts of federal funding.

If you are interested in more detailed expenditure data, then please visit the UCFlex Business Warehouse.

We converted to the Coeus system in the summer of 2007. The project included importing all proposal and award records from the two SRS legacy databases that were active on or later than 7/1/1999.

Please direct questions to Chris Jones, Director Electronic Research Administration.