Sponsored Research Services

Welcome to the University of Cincinnati's Office of Sponsored Research Services (“SRS”). The University's research faculty and staff can use these pages as a comprehensive source of support information.

To serve as a "process oriented" site, SRS has bundled information and forms within the particular process for which faculty and staff will use them. For example, if you are working on a Proposal, then you will find all the information you need in the "Proposal Preparation" section. Similarly, you will find information related to Sponsored Program Awards, from award set up to management and close out, in the Awards Management section. As some items are used in both Proposals and Awards, we have conveniently included them in both sections.

At the bottom of each page, we have listed the specific person or division to contact with questions.

In addition to listing all the forms, documents and links on the specific process pages, we have included information on the home page on: where to find funding; SRS training; news from NIH, NSF and other news of interest; as well as a link to the Office of Research. You can find all of the Sponsored Research Data on the "Reporting" tab and links to our many sponsors' websites on the "Sponsor Information" tab


Click the button to try our new ResearchHow2 website for easy access to all the forms and policies for the Office of Research.


Please contact your SRS GA or your SRS Accounting Representative if you have questions about forms or Policies and Procedures

Mailing Address:

Sponsored Research Services
University of Cincinnati
University Hall, Suite 530
P.O. Box 210222
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0222

Street Address:

University Hall, Suite 530
51 Goodman Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0222

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John Ungruhe, Director

Contracts Management:

David Gearring, Director

Electronic Research Administration:

'Manda Wright, Sr. Grant Administrator

Grants Management:

Sue Cutter, Assistant Director